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Kill City Skateboards "Rookies" DVD

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Killcity's first full length DVD release with full sections from, Sam Pulley, Dave Davies, Joe Lynskey, Jess Young, Nicky Howells, Jake Collins and Caradog Emanuel...


UK skate history on DVD, get it while you can...


Rookies DVD Review

The video starts off like your favourite skate video that you havent seen yet, no silhouettes of skaters pushing slowly over epic bridges, or hi def, slow mo shots of someone doing their laces up, whilst making a soya bean sandwich with a blue rizzla'd roley for dessert,  just a filthy punk rock mix of makes and mistakes, rage and personality, a perfect insight to the video you're about to see..

Dave Davies - Just when you think things are at full gnarl Dave Davies section sets fire to your mother, every trick is blinding, you end up looking at his face for some of the section, just to see if he realises how gnarly he is.  I don't think he does, someone should fill his head with lies and paranoia, make him bi-polar then get him to watch his own section. It's ridiculous.
Sam Pulley - Risca Roider Powerhouse, every trick feels like you're watching pulley deliver his hardest punch into the face of a sleeping baby that someone told him had slagged him off.  It's very, very gnarly as fuck.  He's aggressive to the Earth below him, he only does tricks that he thinks will hurt God in some way.  This muscular ex-gentleman is a transition destroyer.
Nicky Hammerhouse Howells - You know what's coming with Nicky's section, although you don't, you're instantly reminded of how much of an idiot you are because you thought you knew how good it would be.  It's hard to watch because its so good.  He collects tricks like tattoos, then does them as quick as he can to get home and watch X Factor on repeat forever....
Jess Smith - I made up a story in my mind years ago that Jess was a foreign exchange student and the only Euro guy on the team, sent from the South of France to destroy Welsh women's lives.  I think is name is Claude Maurice.  His section is a fucker, it made me want to give up skating forever because i'll never have the dedication or balls that he's got. When you consider the foot injury made no difference to how he skates you can appreciate Maurice Claude's section even more.  
Joe Lynskey - Fucking hell, beast.  I don't know what more can be said, his section flows like a Woolworth's pick and mix of awesome sweets, no bad sweets to bulk it up, just tasty bastards all the way through.  Watching Lynsky's section made me remember how it feels to blaze the Chron'.... 
Jake Collins - When Jake pushes into tricks it's like you're watching him run out of your house after fucking your sister and rubbing his fingers across your face, this little bastard skates so big and fast you want to take him off his board and beat the shit out of him, purely out of jealousy....He reminds you of watching John Cardiel, everthing is huge and tweeked like a fat birds nipple.  Don't take your eyes off Jake for a second, its fast and dirty, and he might be back in your sisters room doing nasty shit to her.
Carrot Frog Morgan do-a-Manuel - If a skate video makes you laugh then it's done it's job of not being a pretentious art wank...  Caradog's face instantly makes you smile, before the section even starts.... But, under that happy face is something you don't want see, the rage that burns deep inside this Welsh volcano of hell is fucking scary, in a nervous laughter way....I absolutely love this man with all of my heart and seeing how fucking ridiculous his section is made me take a step back and realise he's more of a talented bastard than we all knew.  Caradog will write skateboarding on his fist and fucking slam it down your throat in front of the police.
The Kill City video is a blast from the past, except its new??? The feeling is there with this video thats escaped a lot of recent skate videos for the last few years, it feels nice to watch.  It's fun viewing and it makes you want to go for a skate straight away, and doesn't take itself too seriously whilst at the same time being jam packed full of incredibly good, talented skaters. It's the skateboarding equivalent of having a laugh with your mates friend, thinking he's a nice guy then after he's left the pub they tell you a story of how some gang tried to mug him and he beat the shit out of all 10 of them with a hammer.
To all the riders and filmers involved in making this video, i fucking solute you.  Your hard work speaks for itself.

DVD, UK PAL Format...


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